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The New Social

What is the New Social? The New Social is conversation.  It's talking to the people you know and love, and it’s meeting new people. Use Pattr to find conversations with interesting people, on topics that interest you. Join a group discussion, or strike up a one-on-one. Or, create a hangout space for your friends.

Conversations on Pattr are friendly, respectful, and fun. Join in and see for yourself!

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Pattr was founded on the principle that watching life go by is great (well, sometimes), but participating in life is even better. Pattr is a conversational social network where everyone is a participant. Why post when you can talk, and why follow when you can have a real conversation? We believe that everyone could use a little more social in their lives, and we aim to help!

Pattr is about to launch in Beta. If you'd like to join during the Beta phase please request an invite.


Pattr is backed by our patent-pending Compatibility Engine, which understand your personal style and places you in conversations that you're most likely to enjoy. Pattr never "listens in", and never transcribes conversations, so your privacy is assured.

Pattr will launch first on Android, but we love iPhone users too, and are hard at work on the iOS version!

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